SeeD Head of Learning and Innovation 

Dr. Alexandros Lordos has a wide range of experience spanning over the past 15 years, in the private sector, non-governmental sector and in government, integrating multiple viewpoints and developing innovative evidence-based solutions, for instance the Participatory Polling approach for conflict transformation in divided societies. Alexandros has published numerous articles and research reports, such as: "A People's Peace in Cyprus: Testing Public Opinion on the Options for a Comprehensive Settlement" (2009) with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Alexandros is one of the founders and a Research Director of the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD). In this capacity, he has been a key figure behind the conceptualization of the “Social Cohesion and Reconciliation” (SCORE) Index as well as its implementation - so far - in Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nepal, Ukraine (country-wide), and currently in Eastern Ukraine, Liberia and Moldova. Alexandros completed his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cyprus.

Contact email: [email protected]