“The Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development” (SeeD) is developing a revolutionary index called the “Social Cohesion and Reconciliation” (SCORE) Index which aims to measure the impact of peace-building activities while taking the pulse on the underlying social factors that can influence the outcome of peace processes in Cyprus and around the world. 

The Cyprus conflict has remained ‘frozen’ for decades. Parallel to political efforts at reunification there is the problem of insufficient ‘social cohesion and reconciliation’. Although significant effort and resources have been invested in peace-building over years, the Cyprus peace process lacks a systematic tool to assess and measure progress towards reconciliation or make informed policy decisions. In the absence of an accurate monitoring mechanism, attempts to improve the peace process are downgraded to ‘good-faith’ activities, without any real evidence of their actual impact on the society or the peace process itself.

The SCORE Index is an innovative tool that will capture social and political trends between and within the two communities in Cyprus over time, a model which can also be exported to other post-conflict situations beyond the island. The SCORE Index aims to achieve 3 main objectives:

  • It will serve as a “barometer”. Easily interpretable by users, the SCORE will help the general public, policy makers and practitioners understand how social factors interact with one another and how they influence the process of social cohesion and reconciliation.
  • It will serve as an “early-warning tool”. By identifying the possible challenges that may rise due to mutual mistrust between the two communities alerting society and policy makers to the need to develop appropriate responses. Trust at all levels, including at grassroots, is as important as brokering a deal and an essential ingredient of sustainable peace.
  • It will be a “policy-oriented application” that will assist decision makers in adapting strategies and mobilise their resources more effectively with targeted interventions and actions for social cohesion and reconciliation.

What are the next steps?

The SCORE will provide local policy makers and peace activists, as well as international donors, with a source of reliable information for decision-making.

Beyond the shores of Cyprus, the SCORE concept has already gained significant traction among practitioners in Kenya, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Palestine, with whom SeeD is collaborating in the development of locally adapted indices.

Who are we? SeeD - Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development

SeeD is a peace-building think tank, with regional scope, which grew out of the UNDP_ACT-funded “Cyprus 2015” project, which was launched in May 2009 with the intention to create a bridge between public opinion and the policy level of the Cyprus peace process. In partnership with UNDP-ACT, and using novel “Participatory Polling” methodology, and now the “SCORE Index”, SeeD provides unique tools for effective and sustainable policy recommendations that inform the peace-building policy debate while ensuring citizen participation in, and ownership of, the peace process.  

The SCORE Index is a joint project of UNDP’s Action for Cooperation and Trust in Cyprus (UNDP-ACT) and SeeD.